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S Smith

Northeast Area Director
ALL-NEW 2022 KLR®650 Dual-Sport Motorcycle Press Release

For 2022, Kawasaki welcomes the return of the widely popular and critically acclaimed all-new KLR®650 motorcycle to its lineup. The legendary dual-sport bike is back and better than ever, refined and ready to make new memories. Featuring the new technology you’ve been waiting for, and the same reputable reliability, the KLR®650 is ready for your next expedition. Whether it’s traveling long distances or making the daily commute, this adventure-hungry, on-and off-road machine offers the versatility and toughness required to accommodate any adventure.



  • 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 Press Release_Final.pdf
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COG Southwest Area Director
Love it! And the price points are still very good! Look forward to seeing one at the dealerships soon!


Did they fix the dohickey? Then it is just a 1990s tech KLR. Simple and dependable. I was a GEN1 owner for a few years, and loved that bike. If Kaw keeps this bike basically the same for the next 25 years, it will likely keep its place in the ADV world.


Just a nerd who rides
Still love my 2007 Gen 1 KLR - it's taken me to some cool places. And still runs perfectly.
Sadly, it doesn't get ridden near as much since it shares a home with the 2015 Concours.

silver wolf

yeah well as a man who owned an 06 & 09 a little more power would have been nice for sure along w/ a little weight loss & if they offer a model w/out ABS & inverted forks I might consider 1 of them although if I get another dual-sport bike I like this 1 here as a lot lighter & would be more fun out in the woods & on the trails which I want to do as the KLR-650 is a great commuter bike only! :)


The KLR is a great bike for getting people into adventure riding. I wish Kawi would have made something for those who are already into adventure riding. Everyone was hoping for a 700 build off the Versey 650. I wouldn't think it would have cost Kawi much to make such a bike because most parts would be off the shelf.


The KLR has been around the world many times, not just for those getting into adventure riding, IMHO.
Bullitt proof, well balanced, not too big not too small. BMW's GS 1200 and 1250 series are just TOO big for rough off road IMHO.
I have a older friend who has a low mile 2016 KLR that I ride a couple of times a year. I and thousands of others like it just the way it is. It doesn't need more power or more gears. Thats not what its meant for. And why they have sold a boat load of these things. They handle well on pavement and not to big in the rough stuff. Super reliable, cheap.
One mans opinion but I thinks they hit a great balance with this bike years ago and its still a winning combo.
Were planning to ride the Continental Divide trail from MEX to Can this fall and this is what I'm taking.
Big loop trip, Colorado to the southern border, up to Canada, back to Colorado.
2014 C-14