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Kawasaki announcing 5 new bikes on NOV 23


So that's the email I didn't open...

My next bike will be an electric adventure type to go with the diesel pusher MH I just purchased(y)

at this point Zero is leading the group.


Global Moderator and Muser of much - COG 5063
Staff member
Thankful that Kawasaki is still tying to sell motorcycles!!!!!


Southeast Area Director
They had their demo truck here in Gainesville GA yesterday but I didn't have time to go but the C-14 was not listed.


Forum Subscriber
Impressed, happy to see Kawasaki stepping up in the digital world.

New full color digital dashes look great, very functional and packed with electronic tweaks, Kawasaki Quick Shift + lots more digi-goodies.

Little bummed to not see a Sport Tourer or dare I say a true Super Sport Tourer. If people are willing to shell out for a Honda Gold Wing or HD I would expect a market exists for a reliable blow the fairings off all SS Tourer - factory super charged, electronic suspension and the other extra digi-goodies mentioned above, etc. ;)


Still no KLR replacement.....:( Doubt they could make another bike that good again, hope I'm wrong and whatever they are releasing in January is my next dual purpose.