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MotoGP documentary on Prime


Just found an 8 episode documentary on Amazon Prime Video.
Gives behind the scenes look at the 2021 MotoGP season.
I have only had time to view the first 10 minutes of first episode.
(They were training on dirt bikes)
It looks like it could be really good.
I finished episode one. If you have followed MGP the last couple years, you'll probably find it very interesting.
Being 2021, everyone is wearing masks / struggling to breathe.
Everyone except Valentino Rossi..... haven't seen him wearing one yet.
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thanks for sharing. i just finished watching the first one as well. nice to see what's going on behind the scenes.
they also have one about marc marquez he is a great rider but never liked him because he's just too agressive. interesting to hear from his own mouth that he is an ******* on the track. I do feel bad for him since his last severe crash and the stuff he suffered now because of it.
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