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Hi my name is Pete, and I just obtained 2017 C 14. I really like this motorcycle and everything is great but I’m concerned about the Ki Pass. I have a FOB but I don’t have the “emergency card”. I know that problems happen rarely but it would be a bummer if it happened at all! Any recommendations?
I do love riding this…..
Look in the shoodaben engineering vendor area, there’s a thread with contact info to get your immobilizer cloned. And welcome.

Your forum name, in reverse is Otagalam, which in my native Tagalog means, 'welcome to the forum mang'!!
Welcome to the club, Pete! Be sure to check the search function. Its really powerful, and you'll be able to find a lot of info.

Post up on the social forums, make yourself know, and welcome to COG! Hope you enjoy your stay. 😎

There are 2 fob types... active and passive. The active fob is the larger one with a battery and key. The passive is the smaller flat one no battery and a key. Even the active one has a passive chip inside in case the battery is dead. The passive ID chip is the device that some ppl have figured out how to clone. It is possible to have 2 active fobs. I forget what the maximum number of fobs that can be saved to the bike.

There are several threads on here regarding how KiPASS works, and how to add additional fobs to KiPASS. Search for them.

Most dealers have the programming tool that can be used, IIRC, to add a new fob (either) into KiPASS if you want an OEM solution at OEM pricing.