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Ninfa 7 HEV

No torque figures were provided, but thanks to the immediate torque output from the electric motor, Kawasaki claims the Ninja 7 Hybrid has a level of acceleration from a standing start that rivals a literbike supersport.

Never selling the C14, I have a new KTM, I'm set for life, just turned 69

At Jennings GP this year I have to admit, I'm getting OLD, after turning a few laps at my 100% I started thinking I'm just to old for 100% after hitting a corner early, the saying goes early in early out, well I stood her up, went off the track and started questioning my concentration, or should I say lack of It.:mad:
Since radiation treatments, I'm not the same guy, It Zapped my energy, this getting old chit is getting OLD.:rolleyes:
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