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Park it or Limp on...


Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor
Murphskits has developed a fatal flaw deep in the bowels of the unseen "stuff" that makes a website work.  To cut to the chase the only fix is to build an entirely new site..which we have been doing.
We are still days out on having that done..the hold up being me. I only have so much time to devout to the project, and frankly I can't do the 20 hour days anymore . Im exhausted..and at this point need to step back and get away from it for awhile. 

Where I am now is how do I best serve my customers? Orders still come in,  folks have trouble getting them through but manage. Ive been working with folks via email,text,and phone..which greatly increases my work load and generally provides not so great service to the customer . Revenue at this point is immaterial, as we have always been in for the long haul..
down side to parking the site is there are several products we are the only vendor for.

Ultimately  we will emerge with a much more professional,  robust site that fills the needs of our customers and us, better than ever.  Lot of teething pains to work on..lot of back office changes to be made .

So my fellow citizens, what say ye? Park it or limp on?

I'm going to take a nap..been getting up at 3AM and Im exhausted..

Im going to be away from the ole internet for a bit,,feel free to text me some wisdom to 270 322 8097

COG 2769


You do good work, take a rest, let it develop and customers will learn patience. No business is worth killing yourself over, but I could be patient as this sorts itself out. My .02


Gary, if you can put a banner on the website explaining the situation, and that customer service will be less than normal for a few days, it might encourage customers to either wait (if they can) or go ahead and order with reduced expectations (if urgent). We know you will do your best.
Alternatively, if you decide to park it, I would say make sure that you put a banner that states what's going on and your expected return date.
Either way, I think you should let people know what's going on so they won't think you're gone.
Good luck!


I agree with Jorge. If you can, place a banner on the old website stopping all new orders and saying when you expect to have the site back up.
Take a couple of days to refresh yourself and then get to work on the rebuild.