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Rocketman Z-Me Safety Vests


Big Wheel
Industry Vendor
Hi All - I'm a long time COG member and a new Industry Member selling Rocketman Z-Me rider safety vests. The vests are designed for riders by a rider, and tested over tens of thousands of spirited sport-touring miles. These vests may not be the least expensive out there, but you get what you pay for. They are manufactured in Connecticut using quality material and a YKK zipper. Hook and loop reflective adjusting straps help ensure a proper fit.

Vests can be ordered in the size of your choice with a plain yellow retro-reflective back. Check out my Rocketman Vest web page for current pricing, description and photos of vest details, styles, and samples of custom graphics I have done for others. Your custom graphics can be added at additional cost.

As you can see, I'm not a prolific poster... I'm probably out riding. Please email me directly for pricing or information: info@rocketmanvest.com

As a special offer to current and verifiable COG members; I will add any of the COG graphics shown below at no additional cost.





nice vests John...
:great: :great:

I need to explain that the application of the COG logo, or any of the other Copywritten artworks  (i.e. the Leaning Larry bikes, and the verbiage associated), requires specific written permission of the Concours Owners Group, which has to pass thru the B.O.D., and takes time to accomplish.

If you already have the blessings of the COG B.O.D.'s, all is good, but please don't violate the rules beforehand, I wouldn't want to see you have an issue with the "powers that Be"...


S Smith

Northeast Area Director
Thanks for asking. Yes it is BoD approved a few months ago, and published minutes should verify this.



S Smith said:
Thanks for asking. Yes it is BoD approved a few months ago, and published minutes should verify this.

:great: :great: :great:

as for published BOD minutes?

seriously?  last one I can access was....  12/16/2015

shoot me a link, I need some good reading.... :rotflmao: :beerchug: