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Ronnie's Highway Pegs-New Offer


Thinking about the COG Rally in Johnson City, TN?  It's a good distance from about everywhere.  These will make it better. These will make ANY longer ride better.  They are made to look and fit like OEM.

Now offering insured free shipping for Ronnie's Highway Pegs.

The total cost to you is $275.

To order a set for your Concours 14, email  ragsag@mowisp.net  or  call 1-417-725-2432.

    ( NOTE: '08-'09 Pegs and Canyon Cages are not compatible;  2010-2014 are good to go.)
This topic is old but I did get a reply from the email listed and you can still get these. 
Here is a pic of them.  The only pic I have.  he also makes the lift handle you can see in the same pic.


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I'll bet Ron does.
Of course he may ask for your membership number.

Connie Pegs LLC
Ronnie Agostini - Nixa, MO
Just bought a set from him less than 2 weeks ago. Great to deal with and speedy, tracked delivery. Going to put them on this fall. After waffling for years I thought I better get a set before they become unavailable. Happy to email him and he responded and got them out fassssssst.
And if u ever decide to put.on a.peg lowering kit,.u can modify ronnies pegs. Gotta drill a hole and Drexel out some material...
Ended up buying a set straight from Ronnie with his wife orchestrating things. Was a really great transaction. Was told "I'm retiring" and "you got the last set". Whew! That was close!! ;) Enjoy retirement Ronnie!