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Rostra Cruise Control C10 Install


Anyone have any current pictures of their C10 install? Seems soooo many of the pictures in this forum no longer work for some reason. Any pics or experiences would be much appreciated as I am trying to decide if I want to go that route. I am look at potentially putting on my 2006 C10.
I dont think the rostra will work with the c10. There was a cruise control for the c10, but it also incorporated a vacuum canister that the rostra doesn't have. The differences being carburetors vs throttle body; and the c14 having a ecu.

I'm certain some of the mad scientists in the group who have way more knowledge, will be chiming in here soon.
I have zero C10 experience (although I know one when I see it), however the Rostra is a Universal Automotive cruise control so I think it can be adapted to a C10. I don't think the carburetor vs FI would be a prohibiting factor. When I say that, I make an assumption that the return spring pressure on the throttle for the C10's carburetors is roughly the same as the C14's since both are designed for human operators. The fact that it (Rostra) doesn't need a vacuum canister would make the install even easier in my opinion. However, the Rostra does need a signal from a speed sensor of some kind and I have no idea where that would be on a C10 or if magnets would need to be glued on a wheel or drive shaft or where to supply a speed signal or maybe a wire from the tach'.? Rostra also makes speed sensor accessories if needed. In addition there needs to be a switch on the clutch lever (does the C10 have one there?) so the Rostra will disengage when the clutch releases. I searched for a C10 install in the COG tech pages but I couldn't find any (doesn't mean it's not there. You might reach out to Murph as he may know of someone that has done it already.)



If you do call Rostra for tech support, do not mention your use of their system on a motorcycle, as they will politely disconnect.
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