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Sierra Sidewinder headed to Feather River region, Sept. 20-22


The annual Sierra Sidewinder weekend ride is headed to the northern end of the Sierra and we will be riding some of the epic mountain roads in the Feather River valley region. The event is planned for Friday, Sept. 20 through Sunday, Sept. 22. You can expect some riders coming up from So. Cal may be adding a night on the front and/or back of the weekend to extend the fun — so watch this space for updates.

Our base camp this year will be the 14-room Brownsville Motel in the forest village of Brownsville, east of Rattlesnake Peak. We are holding reservations on the entire motel and the owner is super excited to host us as her first ever group of motorcycle riders. They are cutting their room rate about 30%, with all rooms being $95 per night, plus tax if paid in cash (credit cards a few bucks more). Rooms vary in configuration and how many they will sleep, but I recommend you not delay in calling them for a reservation, because the next available motel is a few towns away. Call 530-675-2480 to reserve, and tell them you are with COG.

Of course the weekend is all about the riding and this should be great time to ride some new roads, including the epic Feather River Scenic Byway. From the west, it starts eight miles north of Oroville on Highway 70, winds through the magnificent Feather River Canyon, following the middle fork of the Feather River, the state's first designated Wild and Scenic River, connects with Highway 89 on through Quincy or north to Lake Almanor. According to the scenic byway website, “few California highways feature such natural beauty and diversity in terrain, landscape, wildlife and elevation as the Canyon Route. Cascading waterfalls and wildflowers in the spring and brilliant colors in the fall highlight the canyon’s natural beauty. The area also showcases the marvels of power plant, railroad and highway engineering between the steep, rugged canyon walls that drop down to the North Fork of the Feather River. The historic Pulga and Tobin bridges -- highway and railroad bridges that cross over each other -- and three tunnels blasted through granite are among the most frequently photographed sites. Seven hydroelectric powerhouses make up the “Stairway of Power” along the river with excellent views of the process in action. This is just one of the roads planned, with Highway 49 and Bucks Lake Road also options, plus routes over Deer Creek Pass and Yuba Pass for those checking off the rideable High Sierra passes.

Check the COG calendar and register there if you plan to attend.IMG_0967.jpegIMG_0965.jpegIMG_0966.jpegIMG_0964.jpeg
Made my reservation. Maybe spend the Thursday night part way up the San Joaquin Valley.
Sounds like a good plan. I believe Russ is thinking about riding part way up on the west side of the Sierra and stopping Thursday night in the Fresno area. Maybe you should coordinate or one of you pick a hotel, post it and see who gathers.
That is a beautiful area and ride. The Feather River area was amazing to me, I hauled my ZX-10 down there in late September of 2018 when my granddaughter got married, she still lives there in Paradise. The day B4 the wedding I took a solo 400 mile ride up the FRSH to Quincy, then over some awesome back road twisties to Truckee. Visited the Donner memorial, then ran with some fast, expensive Harleys all the way into Reno as it was the Fall Street Vibrations rally, it was crazy rolling and filtering at triple digits and the fist bumps at the first red light. Headed back west via Sierraville, Downieville, Camptonville...lot's of Villes!! Watch out for pinecones the size of pineapples that litter the roadway in places. Made it to the rehearsal dinner with seconds to spare and major helmet hair! My GD used to ride pillion with me and would giggle and yell, faster faster! Gramma and I paid for her MSF class and she has her endorsement, so she 'gets it'.
So would the slightly later date of this event move the 2024 Devil's cut ride into October (4th & 5th) or would it be only a week behind this event?
I know it's early but I'm planning ahead. Thanks for any educated speculation based on history or southwest area experience.
So would the slightly later date of this event move the 2024 Devil's cut ride into October (4th & 5th) or would it be only a week behind this event?
I know it's early but I'm planning ahead. Thanks for any educated speculation based on history or southwest area experience.
Pretty sure the Devil's Cut is going to be from 10/4-10/6. Dan should be putting it on the Event Calendar soon.
So Dan is this a two day ride or 3 days there?
I think everyone will meet up on Friday and the main riding will be done Saturday all day and partial on Sunday then home.... unless you live far away like I do and we will likely start on Thursday and come home Monday. It's going to be terrific rally guaranteed!
So Dan is this a two day ride or 3 days there?
Hey Stubby, Likely a full day ride in for most folks on Friday — some coming up partway on Thursday. Saturday will be big loop on some nice mountain roads. Sunday I’m looking at another mountain loop on secondary roads that will still get folks down onto Hwy 49 south of Sacramento in time for lunch. Hope that helps.
I booked room #3 today! Get your reservations in asap for the Brownsville Motel. I know Dan is working on some ideas if we need more rooms. I know I will see most of you before September but I am really looking forward to this Meet and Greet! Thank you Dan and Keith!
Are you guys able to register? I can't. Yet I can see the registration info on other events.

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Could be someone is working on the problem.....text says there is no fee but requests you to register....but Registration blurb says there is a $10 fee for members. I'm sure with some hard work by someone and patience on our part it will get resolved. ;)
Hi Gentlemen! The registration part should be corrected soon. The plan is that there will not be any registration fee this year.

Look forward to seeing you at the Meet and Greet.