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You know there are a lot of folks making sliders for our bike these days BUT

I was looking at some of the offerings, the plastic material is tapped and the metal fasteners thread directly to the "slider"

Our pieces have an aluminum machined spool to which the HDPE material is set screwed to, all metal fasters are 10MM and stainless steel.

These are quality parts .  We have brought back the muffler side slider cause folks keep asking for them, even though they don't do much..that big ole muffler is going to take hard in a slide

But you will be symmetrical with it installed  ;)
I'm offering a package deal here on the COG site, both swing arm sliders and the front wheel slider for $140,  drop Oscar an email at Oscar@murphskits.com if you want em' Im sticking up a picture of the components and not them being sexy on the bike cause I want you to see what you are getting



  • IMG_3174.JPG
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Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor
Be the first to take the offer and post pictures on the bike..

get $50 back
Gota' call DIBBS!!  refund will hit as soon as the pictures are posted