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Supply of “Phils racks”.

For those requesting photos.... The first photo shows the MonoKEY mounting kit (on a Versys-1000) The same rack fits both bikes.
The second photo is shown on a C-14.


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If someone has the MonoLOCK style trunk and uses the Universal adapter that goes with it, you should buy this!
The SW-MOTECH Mount kit (for MonoLOCK trunks) is great.
It will lower the Trunk about 1 1/2" and you can discard that Universal Adapter.

Better idea would be to buy "the MonoLOCK Kit "and" Phil's Rack as it's a lot stronger than the OEM Rack.
ie; Won't flex when the wife leans against the trunk.

Ride safe, Ted
You have a MonoLOCK trunk. I can’t get those mounting kits but your plate can be attached to my rack for a stronger setup.
So your rack goes on the metal stock plate, then my Givi plate on top of your rack. And then with the trunk off and the givi plate off I can stack a lot of gear on your rack. Am I picturing this correctly? Thank you!
His rack replaces the flimsy stock rack.
My bike stock had a composite rack (assume stock) attached to a metal plate (also assume stock). I took off the stock rack and installed the Givi to the metal plate that the stock rack was attached to. Does Phil's replace that metal underplate that the stock rack was attached to, which is what my Givi Monolock plate is currently attached to? I attached some pics in my earlier post.
I’d need to see photos. The stock “rack” is small and made of plastic. There is NO metal plate involved unless something else has been added. The grab-rails are also made of hollow plastic so they are limited in strength.
I looked at the sw motech usa website and they carry the givi monolock and monokey addapters for their racks. That is what I bought. for my monolock top case on a phil's rack.
"Double G" is correct, these appear to be back in stock However, both my rack and the adapter require some modification to fit. IF anyone wants my rack for a MonoLOCK trunk I can order the parts and make the needed mods.
Four(4) left.
I will take one Phil. Just the standard. I have MonoLOCK trunk but might want to get a MonoKEY trunk later. If I get the standard Phil rack, I can make that work with either GIVI with their universal adapter. Is that right?
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My son bought a C-14 yesterday. He is buying a Monolock trunk.
If you have a rack (with or without mount) and/or mounting hardware for a Monolock, I want it.

Ride safe, Ted

If Phillip doesn't have a rack left, does anyone have one to sale?
He may also be interested in a Trunk.
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U probably got the last one. Phil posted on fb yesterday he had one left. I told him to autograph it and auction it off...lol
Hope he sees my notes to him...

Ride safe, Ted

Too late.
Last one had been sold..

Anyone have one to sale?
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