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That awful topic....cost


Street Cruiser
Industry Vendor
Greetings all

  First, I wish you all the best of the season! The warmest wishes and good tidings to all!..

  We've not adjusted our pricing in quite awhile, I've absorbed all the cost I can ,,I've elected to sell what we have on the shelf at the current pricing on site till the end of the year and then we will have a new price for just about everything we carry.

COG 2769



about time you silly old man... I trust you, and say let Ms. Patty set the prices...  :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :great: :great:

Miss ya, I guess you repainted the wall that had my credit card and phone number scribbled on it...
yeah, in my old age I don't buy much anymore.. I have it all.. and thanks to you it's all great. Miss ya here up north.. be safe, and have a great holiday season.. (when will you retire???? from the day job...? and "enjoy the fruits of your time..?)
:)) :)) :)) :)) :great: :great:


You've always had fair prices and good stuff. Thank you for being so transparent about increasing prices; not many would do that.
The reality of increasing costs is all around us, you are no exception.

Merry Christmas, and I'm still anticipating the time I will be able to shake your hand!



I am not buying much from you now that I have no Concours. All the ones that I work
on I tell the owners you are the best pricing and the right part.
Thanks your help and Happy Holidays.