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Tires for Chipseal


Hopefully not resurrecting an ancient thread here but im hopin some folks might have a better answer than the non answer google gives. Where I live in the Yukon, all of our roads are Chipseal. what isnt, is gravel. The only asphalt to be had is the 5 mile stretch through town. The rubber on my bike is comin up on 8 years old, while neither show any damage whatsoever - no cracking, no fading, no stress marks, only the slightest bit of squaring - These are destined to come off this winter when I go over the entire bike. I do have the tools here to manhandle the tires. So, question is - any recommendations for tires that are at least tolerant of chipseal? Ideally, id like to be at least slightly dual sport, however seems i am pretty limited in options due to the somewhat oddball sizes. Thanx in advance folks!
Wasnt there also a thread that addressed tire sizes and changing rims to a more common size, to give one more tire selections?