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What tires for the 2021 season?


Found an interesting article on the RS4’s - yeah that’s not happening for this guy.

Looking at the tire’s profile pic @ 10,245 miles in this article there are sprues that appear to be 2 inches from edge of tire..

Never turn and riding on cotton-balls?

The comments below the article are interesting too. A dude mentioned rebound and others mentioned tire pressures and suspension setups based on tire wear. I think there's a bit more to making these skins last long than constantly riding the twisties to keep things round. Some of us don't have that many options to do that, with miles of mostly long straight stretches out to the horizon in every direction. Our other option is stop-and-go from traffic light to traffic light.

The tires are sorta like fuel and oil. We ride what we ride wherever we can and replace as needed. Maybe here in Houston we can pull together a kitty to buy a tire changing machine we can all make use of? And anyone COGgers coming through town can stop in to get a quick change? THAT would be a value-added for being a member. Having a place we can bring/ship our tires so we can utilize our COG equipment? Hmm...LOL

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In a perfect world, it's a great idea. Maybe one member buys the equipment and others commit to having that member swap tires like cycle gear at a substantially discounted rate in comparison to average market rates for that service. It could be discounted further after the equipment was paid for if so desired by the owner. In any case if it's cheaper than shops, members would bring their business.