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What's your Epitaph going to be?


Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
"He Came, He Saw, He Concoured"
:rotflmao: :nananana: :great: :beerchug:  :motonoises:


I don't know about my Epitaph but if I wrote a book it would be called "Chasing Daylight".

No matter what I have done in my life, running, triathlons, flying, motorcycles, scouting, raising kids and a myriad of other life things I have always been wanting just a little more day. Pack everything in I can from sunrise to sunset and beyond. When my wife calls, I tap the helmet and she says "are you almost home it's dark" I say....nahhh...I can still see light and the outline of the trees across the field...I got time before dark....she says..."chasing daylight again eh?"

Seems like when I go into that great darkness I will still be chasing daylight.


BUT seeing as it was not, just let it be...

here, when I'm gone.

most won't get it, but then, I don't really care.


I walked into an alley, last year during the national rally, and watched a woman doing this exact same thing.. when it was done, I walked up, and threw $50 into her  hat... and had no regrets.

after that.. all I have to say is;

Doctor : You have 10 minutes to live
Me : I want to listen to "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"
Doctor : But it's 10:37
God : It's ok