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Zero MPH Right hand Drop Road Blending In


Ok time to come clean, have told no one but experienced a right side roll over of my 09 C-14 1 yr. ago. In the TX Hill Country following my brothers Buell. We are going down hill slightly on a two-lane FM road and I have been following bro for a couple of hours as we ride the twisty's. All good fun. So we are doing maybe 30 mph after cresting a little roller hill. Coming down the little hill , he decides to take a right hand onto a one lane black top that is coming in at an angle that is a fair amount tighter than a simple 90 degree turn. I had been doing 10 bike lengths or more most of the day but was 6-7 bike lengths when this deal happened. I slow down a bunch & As I am turning trying to follow, I realize my C-14 is going to take a lot more more road to turn than what is available on the little one lane black top ( or I am not able to turn as tight as he just did) I hit the brakes or slow down too much I guess and then realize that because the little road we are turning on is rising up to meet the road we were on , that when I start to lean/fall to the right from having low/no momentum that the little shoulder that is there is 10-12 inches lower than my foot will reach. Nothing to put my foot down on to stop my fall to the right. He helped me pick her up but the bike had 580 miles on it , drat, @#$%^ etc. BTW this was my second C-14 after having put 30K on my 1st bike. Learned , 1) Don't forget the C14 needs more road to do crap like that goofy turn, 2) Dont try a turn if it is iffy , I could have just ridden ahead a little pulled to the shoulder and then when safe turned around and come back. Stuff like that ...