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09 falls on its face


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I have a 2009 Kawasaki Concours 1400 when I try to accelerate, I get around 3500-4000 rpms and it just falls on its face, if I give it full throttle it just lopes between 2500-3500 rpms. I run 91-93 octane, just put new plugs in it and cleaned the fuel injectors by hand and it still does this. The air filter is good and the fuel filter is new. This started after a 1800 mile trip. It is unrideable. Any suggestions? Thanks guys. I'm about fed up with this, many hours doing all this work and still nothing to show for it.


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A very small number have had faulty/worn fuel pumps. Perhaps try that. Fit a used pump assembly or new pump element.


On another bike I had a similar issue. It turned out that a clogged fuel filter assembly restricted the flow of fuel to the cylinders after the throttle was opened past 30%. The problem was diagnosed by using a fuel pressure gage inserted after the fuel pump and before the engine.

C 14

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What pump did you use? Someone else had a similar problem, replaced the pump and still had the issue. The pump did not include the regulator.
Here is the thread at the page where he posted the solution: http://www.zggtr.org/index.php?topic=24199.15
OK!! Problem Solved!! I installed the ZX14 Fuel Pump Assembly and she ran like a Bat Outta Hell! The Fuel Pressure regulator was the one piece that I didn't think of changing in the Fuel Pump Assembly. So much for Insignificance. I still have the other "Aftermarket" Pump assembly and got the replacement Fuel Pressure Regulator that I will assemble & install later. It feels good to finally have solved the mystery. Thank You ALL For your Advice & Input!!!

What I figured was the FPR was Bypassing below the Normal Pressure. The bike had enough Fuel Pressure to start, idle and accelerate up to 4K rpms but after that there wasn't enough Fuel Pressure & Flow for the Demand so it was bogging down; like running lean. Now she accelerates strong and fast all the way up to redline in atleast the first 4 gears. Ran out of clear freeway after that"


Another argument I’ve noticed on Beemer
And Harley user groups is Top Tier Gas
Vs 87-91+ octane gas for bikes. Stations
Classified as Top Tier Stations (internet
Search of your area) you can use any
Pump and gas will make bike behave
The same (no pinging/bucking). I havent
Tried it yet but have identified a few in
Gulfport/Biloxi area (mostly shell) that have
Top Tier classification. In San Diego I
Remember Arco advertised it was topT,
But kinda doubt it. Anyone else heard of


I shudder at the thought that I might hear my motor ping or knock. No matter what gas I have run in all the vehicles I have owned in recent years the issue your are speaking to has not occurred with only one exception... a motor that is running real hot and needs to be shut off now. The cause for that is usually hot carbon deposits that are igniting the fuel air charge ahead of the spark plug timing which makes the flame front hit the head.

As far as I know or don't know I tend to think it is the additive blend added to the gasoline that makes it top tier. Correct me if I am wrong but in general it seems the higher the octane the slower the fuel burns. The flame front never reaches the top of the cylinder and causes the pinging and knocking we have come to dread because we know the damage it can do.

The other aspect I have heard rumored is that top tier gas has a lower amount of ethanol in it on a percentage basis as compared to the lower priced blends.

I probably didn't answer your question but thought I would share what might be relevant.


I think the ethanol question led into the top
Tier discussion. Locally we have a choice
Of buying fuel with ethanol at a cheaper
Price or buy no ethanol added fuel at a
Higher price. Most newer cars are timed to
Burn the ethanol fuel. I always pay a few
More $ and get the fuel with no ethanol.
my car is a v8 , manual says 91 octane.
just not brave enough to put in 87
Octane at a top tier station.


I wonder if the OP ever got this problem sorted. I would be looking at the fuel pump regulator too if it wasn't replaced along with the new fuel pump.