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1997 Concours for sale


My '97 Concours is for sale -

Now in Pendleton, Oregon (prev in Walla Walla)

The much coveted (and fastest ;) ) Windsor Green with Cosmic Gray lowers (only available in 1997 and 1998). Comes with original OEM removable hard bag side cases and Dowco WeatherAll cover.
47,755 miles
Garaged, excellent condition
Starts right up and runs absolutely perfectly - smooth, strong and fast

July-Aug 2014: Carbs serviced by SISF. Valve service done (clearances checked & adjusted), coolant changed (Pro Honda HP), final drive gear oil changed, new throttle cables, new front wheel bearings & new tires.
Have put only 324 miles on her since.
Avon Storm ST 2 Ultra AV55 120/70R18 (date code 1413) on front, Avon Azaro AV46-ST 150/80R16 (date code 2713) on rear.

Full disclosure:
Laid down in Nov 2006 (hit by deer). Not bent. All damaged parts replaced with new OEM Kawasaki parts with two remaining exceptions: small (1/2” square) strictly cosmetic abrasion on bottom of right fork slider, and cosmetic abrasion on rear, lower side of right muffler.
Top of tank has minor dent & front fender has small crack from "garage rash"

The good:
Murph’s dual Hella headlight kit (two projector lamps, dedicated high & low beams) (OOP)
Gerbing Heat-Troller with BMW plug
Throttlemeister cruise control (OOP)
Spiegler braided stainless front brake lines with EBC HH pads
KB fork brace
SonicSprings 1.2 kg fork springs with Bel Ray 15W fork oil
Race Tech Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator kit (fork valving)
Shoodabeen Engineering (SISF) carb service and mods, including 2-Minute Mod Jet Kit (Power version) and overflow tube system (hydrolock protection),
Airbox tuned for optimal performance with 2-Minute Mod Jet Kit. Have used only ethanol-free fuel since.
Shoodabeen Engineering Performance Exhaust Cam Sprocket (increased low RPM torque without any loss of top end power)
OEM airbox strengthening modification per SISF’s specs (pre-emptive mod to prevent common cracking issue)
Bergman Engineering Fuel Tank Quick Release kit (quick-release pins at rear of fuel tank, makes maintenance much easier)
Totally Wired Cycles TWC-C001 Fuel gauge Adjuster (OOP)
Datel digital voltmeter (blue)
K&N air filter
Murph’s plug wire and boots kit
Buck Sport Touring Tailbrights reflective film on side cases
Odyssey PC680 AGM battery (2009)
Fresh Mobil 1 15W-50 Full Synthetic engine oil & new NGK DR8EA plugs
(Custom saddle seen in photos is not included, bike comes with OEM seat)

Available after sale of bike:
Rick Mayer custom leather saddle (OOP)
GIVI E52 Maxia Monokey topcase with optional E95S padded backrest. Upgraded with Totally Wired Cycles LED taillights kit (includes wiring harness for simple and easy “plug and play” connection into bike’s electrical system) (OOP)


Tony King, COG #6289
Chapel Hill, NC
919-264-4406 (text or leave message and I'll get back)


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