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2021 Bun Cooler room reervations

Tim R

Staff member
I got a call from Lewis and Clark resort today. She had head this years Bun Cooler was cancelled and wanted to know if I still wanted to keep my room reservation. She said some were going t keep their rooms and come anyways. I politely asked if I could make my reservation for 2021. She said she could and though she might move  those rooms reserved this year to next years B/C. Since it's the 3rd weekend in May the dates are not too hard to figured out.

So if you have not been contacted you might want to do that. The gal also thought me letting everyone know was a good idea. (I wish I could remember here name. Getting old sucks)  But is is refreshing to know some nice person is looking out for us. Tim



It was probably Kristy.

I'm considering something for a little later, but I'm waiting to see what is happening with the virus.


Just read the new Concourier, Northwest Area news:

Where is/what is "Our favorite shooting spot at the Bun Cooler"?  The one that was closed during the Bun Cooler Light.

Never heard about that.  Next time, maybe I'll bring extra ammo.


I haven't contacted the L&C resort yet because they generally can't give rates or anything before the first of the year. The 3rd weekend of May is the correct date. Hopefully, the virus will be under control by that time.