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2022 NE Regional Fall Rally [Great Barrington, MA]


NE AAD Hudson Valley
It's official. The NE Fall Rally in the Berkshires is happening. See link below for registration:

This is a great central location - walkable to all sorts of restaurants and shops, and the riding is spectacular in any direction, Plenty of historical sites to visit. I will update this thread regularly with some possible points of interest. The motel will provide a bike washing station(bring your own towels and and sham-wows)

The rally is free to members and non-members alike.

Book your rooms soon, because our block of rooms expires on July 30. After that the venue will still honor our discounted price, but the rooms will be released to the general public.

With any luck, if you head north you may even see the spectacular fall foliage starting to emerge, and the Hudson Valley provides amazing views at any time of year.

I hope to see you all there. It's going to be a blast.

Just a sampling of what's in the area:

Norman Rockwell Museum https://www.nrm.org

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art https://massmoca.org
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There's a link to example GPX files posted to the event page. Download the info and work on your rides ahead of time.
The NE Fall Rally is in 2 weeks. If you're thinking about coming call the motel to book a room. Although the room block was released to the public, they will still honor the discounted price. Use the event web page in the top post to review the event information. A few tourist things are posted, along with information regarding example GPX routes.
I can’t guarantee the weather, but I’ve phoned in a few favors and the long term forecast is looking favorable for the rally. We should have dry and crisp days - the kind that internal combustion engines love. So if you’re on the fence, come join us for some great riding and camaraderie.
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The drought conditions will have an effect on fall foliage colors and timing. During our event it is predicted that we will experience early fall foliage. The peak foliage in the Berkshires is expected a few weeks later.
While reviewing the GPX example ride downloads for the Great Barrington area, I noticed that the Columbia/Rennselaer ride loop passes very close to Mount Greylock State Reserve. If you have never been there, I feel it is worth a ride to the 3491' summit and climb the Veterans Memorial Tower for outstanding 90 mile views of the surrounding area. The ride loop can be modified easily and adds about 30-40 minutes of travel time. Your over time will vary depending on your visit length. I suggest avoiding this on the weekend as it is the beginning of leaf peeping season and parking is limited.

Heading out within next 30 minutes. Meeting Christian, Steve & Sue in NY.
Planning to do see if can check in early and then do the Bridge of Flowers ride today.
See everyone at the motel this afternoon.
It’s been a terrific NE Fall Rally, so far. Great to see friends, old and new. Had a great ride up on THU and took a ride to visit Bridge of Flowers. Today we did the Colombia / Rensselaer loop and added a stop at the Mount Greylock summit for lunch at Bascom Lodge.


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