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All new Yamaha Tracer 900

I think that bike hits the mark for solo sport touring. For 2-up, I'll stick with my c14 (for now....)
When we did the Alps' tour, I think that the Yamaha MT-09 (Predecessor for this bike) was the preferred rental bike.
Did excellent, lots of torque, weighed less, "cost less",,, than a C-14..

Ride safe, Ted
I rode this bike for a test-ride at Barber. I found myself asking, "What is this bike supposed to do?" Yeah it's fast and feels kinda torquey. I thought it was comfortable until 15 minutes in, when the forward-sloping seat starting hurting at the the bump at the bottom where it's supposed to catch your upper thighs/butt cheeks. Then it really got to me and I was very uncomfortable. I am a big-butted woman, so men and smaller gals might find the seat far different. The buffeting behind the screen was noticeable at any speed, at any ride height. I'm the approximate height of many Japanese engineers at 5'6" so taller Americans might find that different. My right hand found the engine vibrations worse than most bigger bikes. I really wanted to like this bike, it's very good-looking and I liked the bags. The fancy display was nice but by the ride's end I hadn't figured out all the computerized settings, and neither could the Yamaha ride leaders. Still,....pretty....but the buffeting at any speed excludes this bike from touring for me, and I have far better bikes for short-distance rides. Torque was nice but that's not gonna cut it 300 miles into a riding day.