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Beat the Heat


Come on up to the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground to Beat The Heat. This social will be held July 29-August 1.

The campground address is: 59 Motorcycle Dr Canton, NC
Phone: 828-235-8350
If they don't pick-up, leave a message and they will call you back.

Tent camping $15 for one person $22 for two people.
Cabins $49.95 or $66 for one with a bathroom.

The kitchen is not going to be open this year so that's kind of a bummer, but perhaps we could get something catered in. I'll look into that later today.
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Beat The Heat Social is now on Facebook and has been submitted for the COG Activity Calendar.
If anyone wants to organize a cook-out please let me know.
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I heard that.. Go to one, the other, or both. No problem. I’m sure they’ll have fun.

When several COG members asked about this event at Hohenwald, this one was added. At that time, the “other group “ had nothing planned. I’m in that other group, too (at least until they throw me out, possibly later this morning).🤣

We have been busy with the National Rally planning this spring. The members of that other group are welcome to attend that, too!
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Beat The Heat Social is now on the COG Events calendar. Since this is a social there will not be a registration fee. Please go ahead and register so that we have an idea of who is coming.
Jimmie & I are signed up!

Anything there to cook on besides the one small grill by the pavilion?

Wonder if Kurt is coming.?

I"ll be there and would haul a couple grills up if I had a trailer. Tried strapping it on the back but no room with my camp gear lol
I called BRMC and they do not have their kitchen setup this year. He doesn't have the fuel to run the stove so we can't use that. We could use the barbeques. One night we could cook up some spaghetti. Open to other suggestions. I'll be getting a steak and salad kit like in previous years for another meal.
Got these days scheduled off!

I should be able bring some smoked beans or pre-smoked ribs. Will there be a cooler or something to keep the food in?
Talked with Phil last night. He's putting a dinner plan for Friday and I'm working on a spaghetti spread for Saturday. If you're coming, please register. I'll be coming in on Friday.
I have a cabin there all week. I will assess the cooking gear and get some charcoal and what not for our cook outs.
Please let me know if we need something. Thanks Phil and Ron!!
Thanks Ron!
Ruby, charcoal would be great, planning on getting a steak and a salad kit for one night, probably Friday.
Between the forum and Facebook we have 14 registered, plus my buddy Alex is coming.
Between the COG calendar, Facebook and my Russian friend we currently have about 22 showing up!! Looking forward to some great riding 🏍️ and fireside chats!🍻 🔥
Bummer LOL. Just called to verify my cabin. They still not cooking. But there is a near by Waffle House lol. Looking forward too the ride.
SE Area is providing spaghetti or pizza on Saturday. Also hope to have a group pic at 6 pm.
Just checked the weather and it is looking good so far! 85 during the day, okay so a little hot, but a nice 64 at night. Chance of rain, well its a bit far out to be certain right now, but it looks to be about 25% on Wednesday. Hope that holds or gets even better.
Sounds good. We need a poll RE Saturday dinner:

Pizza or spaghetti and how many to cook/buy for?

It’ll affect the equipment and order sizes. Can someone post a poll?
1/2 a Pizza for me.
(I'll get a Pizza just for Phil. He'll be hungry after a big day of riding!) :cool:
Wow this rally is going to be awesome Blue ridge parkway the campground the usual fun around the campfire and now we're doing meals. Let me know if you need help from Wendy or I with the food prep. And if I have a vote I'd say spaghetti and meatballs keep it simple. You could get massive bags of salad for the side and let people put it in their own bowls and pick their own dressing. Self-serve and lineup.


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Great weekend. Nice weather, cool temperatures, lots of nice folks. Campfires were fun and thanks to Bob Fiske and a slew of others, food was awesome!! COGgers stepping up!

Oh, and the riding was really good.
See you at RWTW!!

20 participants and excellent leadership by Phil Ilingworth


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Had a great time & met several new people. As usual the riding was outstanding.

Job well done Phil & all that pitched in! :)
Great meet/event. Great people, great rides. Also great weather. Thanks Phil AND all that did the great cooking. Glad the rain came and moved on early Sunday morning. Dry all the way home. lol. Only just over two hours away though.
Great event! Thanks to Phil, Doug, Ron, Bob and the rest for their efforts. The riding was amazing, the fire was blazing (Phil), and new friendships were made (shake n' bake!)
Great ride and good meeting everyone. On my way home I went over the Cherohala skyway the fog was so thick you could not see much past the bike. Other wise uneventful.


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Great ride and good meeting ever
Great ride and good meeting everyone. On my way home I went over the Cherohala skyway the fog was so thick you could not see much past the bike. Other wise uneventful.
One more of the cabin at brmc.


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Thank-you to Bob for the Saturday night brisket, potatoes and onions. Eric thank-you for bringing a brisket for Friday night's meal. Tom thanks for the baked beans and thanks to Kairi for the bacon and sausage. Ron thanks for driving all that went to dinner Thursday night and for picking up more dinner supplies! I've never eaten so well at BRMC!! This group sure can make some great meals!