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Came across a fellow bike rider who had just been hit by a car


COG# 9127 CDA# 560
What a way to spoil a good ride! At least he was moving but there was a lot of damage to the car.


Thank You for sharing - car / motorcycle is never a win for the motorcyclist.  Unless already cut off I did not see much for personal protective gear.

Related note: Trip to mtns in PA Saturday an unrelated rider in a group went off road at a tight turn.  He was lucky and drove away.  This group I saw: no helmets, no jackets, bare bones gloves, at best sturdy footwear.  Don’t let luck running out on you end your days of riding.

In a positive Joe - your video was much appreciated.  Recently relocated from Minnesota to Eastern Pennsylvania, miss the ready access to wide open landscapes.  There is a joke that birds fly upside down in Iowa as there isn’t anything to doo-doo on, personally I love the region.  Keep the vids coming, what device are you using - good quality.


It serves as a reminder of the risks involved with riding. Complacency has some pretty painful rewards.