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COG GTA Tech Day - Trenton, Ontario


COG GTA Tech Day

After a two-year and unavoidable hiatus Pete Jackson is hosting a Tech Session at his home at 28 Dorthy Drive in Trenton, Ontario. Pete has a spacious shop with room for four bikes at a time. He has a compressor and a great selection of tools BUT he asks that you bring your own if possible. Please plan to bring your bike and get it ready for the riding season. The event begins at 8 am on Saturday, June 18th and goes till approximately 5:00 PM.

There will be attendees there who have experience with repairs primarily on the C10 and some experience with the C14. If you have any specific maintenance or repair you want to attempt please contact Pete by e-mail at pj.ecotec@gmail.com or by phone at 416-254-6322.

Lunch and water/soft drinks will be supplied around noon. A donation is requested to defray expenses.

Even if your spring maintenance is done, come out and socialize with a good bunch of like-minded individuals.

Eastern Ontario Ride

Eastern Ontario COG is going to meet up with them by riding to Trenton for a visit with our friends from the west. If you would like to join Derek please mark it on your calendar. Ride will be leaving from the Timmies in Carlton Place (#7 and McNeely Ave) at 8:30 and heading to Pete’s home in Trenton.

Please come prepared to follow to follow local guidelines regarding masks and social distancing. Each person is responsible for monitoring their own health. If you feel sick, or if you've been in close contact with someone who has recently tested positive, please stay home.


Derek Pugh at concoursderek@gmail.com (643)-222-9554 for Eastern Ontario or Pete Jackson at pj.ecotec@gmail.com (416) 254-6322.

There are no registration fees. However, we're asking everyone to register online though COG or contact us directly so we have an idea of who is coming for lunch numbers

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