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F900 XR


In his introduction, James (jtvisions) mentioned I'd traded in my 2014 BMW F800GT for a new BMW F900 XR. I was just reading @tdbru 's thread on "what are the choices now" My comments there are rather humorous seeing what has transpired in the last couple weeks.

First off, don't blame me for buying a new motorcycle. My wife told me to buy it. I think the attitude over the years has been interesting. When I returned to riding back in 2006, I had to replace a tire on my bike. The bill was $140 back then. Her comment was, "I thought this was supposed to save us money, not waste it." I never want to encounter that look on her face again, or the tone of voice she used. :eek:
Back in 2016, I was killing time one afternoon and took a test ride on a BMW F800GT. A couple weeks later, I asked her if she would mind if I bought one. Her reply was a little better. "Of course I mind. But you're going to do it anyway." So I did. ;) And now, she actually was encouraging me to buy a new bike. Wow.

The reason behind all this was the rear wheel bearing grenading on my at the Bun Cooler last spring. I put in a used swing arm and thought all was good. Then someone dug up the NHSTA safety bulletin on the earlier model F800ST. One of the first tell-tale signs your bearing is failing is where the drive belt is running. If it is to the left towards the wheel, all is good. If it is to the outside of the pulley, then you need to do some further checks. Mine was to the outside. And after doing the further checks, I wasn't feeling confident in the state of that used bearing. I mentioned this to some cousins who were in town and Carol overheard us. And that was the end of the discussion.


It'll look a bit different in a few days as things like the side cases arrive. It is amazing how much you can spend.

I was prepared to stick with my old bike. But this XR just felt right from the start. It is extremely stable as you come to a stop. Handling is great. I did want cornering ABS and cornering traction control on my next bike. This has that. You also get cornering headlights...handy when it is now dark here at 5pm. I am amazed at how well it handles wind. Maybe it is because the side cases and top box aren't on yet, but side winds just don't affect the bike. And that little windshield, actually works very well. In the picture, it is in the up position. You can lower it while riding easily. It has "modes" for both the suspension and the throttle. For the suspension, I think I'll leave it in "Road" mode most of the time, till I hit some back roads and want to ride a bit faster. Then I'll switch to Dynamic.

The throttle mode is "interesting". It has a "Rain" mode that I haven't used. A "Road" mode, which seems much like the feel I had on my F800GT. Compression braking is more pronounced. Engine response is there with a linear feeling. But the "Dynamic" mode...it is a sheer delight!

The other throttle modes work by increasing the throttle response linearly. The farther you twist the throttle, the more the engine increases rpms. Now read this next part through carefully. In Dynamic mode, it senses how fast you twist the throttle. Twist it a little bit, but fast...and the engine goes really really fast. :D It makes it feel like an extension of your body and mind more than the old bike did...which was great.

The riding position is better. I'm not feeling any need for even foam handlebar grips. Even though the fairing seems minimal, it deflects the wind around me just fine.

About the only negative I can think of, is the sidestand is short and requires some heavy lifting to get the bike vertical.

And I still can't believe my wife told me to buy it. No questions asked.

Nice bike, post some pics of the cases too when they come. BTW, I like the bridge too.