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First ride on the B


Ok was finally able to get up to the dealer and bring the B home. This is my initial thoughts on the 200 mile ride home.
First a little back story for perspective. Been riding street bikes 25 years all different makes and models. Do a lot of two up riding and had an 09 Ultra classic for almost 10yrs, got tired of the weight and bought a concours 14 to try sport touring and we loved it. Wasn’t planning on upgrading but the concours was top heavy and a little tall for my comfort 2up, great solo bike btw... The easy fix was to add a second bike and I picked up a Honda Valkyrie for 2up duty, long story short due to an idiot and a cell phone the Valk was totaled and we decided if we were gonna have one bike it was time for a Beemer. (Enter the KB). I won’t compare the Concours to the B but if you want that info PM me. I will say I called the Concours my budget BMW because I thought it was 90% what BMW offered at half the price. Well I can now say I was wrong.
The weather guessers were way wrong on it being in the upper 50’s which I had packed for. It had just broke 40 when I left out for home so yes I definitely got to check out wind protection brrrrrr.
Overall Comfort
obviously subjective but for my frame it was quite comfortable. The seat is fine for at least 200 miles, but I’ve always upgraded that on other bikes down the road so time will tell.
Jury is still out on risers the reach seemed fine with just a slight forward lean. If a backrest is used then risers will be needed.
Already have a windshield on order never was a fan of the shorties, however noise and buffeting was decent in the full up position.
‘Still learning all the modes and gadgets so my only comment on that is the Nav 6 worked with my phone and headset once. After I turned the bike off at the first stop helmet one lost its connection but I was still getting gps in my helmet.
Power has been talked about and I will agree I have no regrets on our choice and the limiter isn’t gonna be an issue for us as is.
Two things I was skeptical about was the shift assist pro and seat heat. Well I am now a fan of both
The only niggles so far,
wish the bags were a little bigger, of course neither of our helmets fit and I brought the bag liners from my concours made by Bestem and they didn’t fit either to wide. They make a set for the B so may pick them up but hate buying more stuff when I have a perfectly good set already smh....
Lastly can’t use my Sw-motech tank bag but don’t know if I wanna swap out the bars to allow this (again hate buying more stuff when I have perfectly good stuff already...

Sorry so long winded and I’m sure I’ve forgot some things due to defrosting but overall we are happy campers...