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Florida's Coolest Rally 2020


Just received an email from BMWNEF that registration for the 2020 Rally is open. Dates are 17-19 January. Who's going/thinking about going?


konehead said:
Wheres it at....dates are good, but adding the location to the posting is even better :) :)




All things considered...... 

Registered.  ;)


Jorge said:
Marty's going to trailer it there... like Ted would.

Mmmm.... I don't think so.  I don't own a trailer, OR a vehicle with a tow hitch.  ;)

Still a bit far out, BUT so far the weather outlook seems quite balmy and warm.
High of 80*F for Saturday....  Lows in the 50's. 

I'm going to start working on my bike's camp pack.  The Connie was quite the
pack mule, I'm hoping the XR can 'handle' all the luxuries I require whilst camping!  ;D

Iffin' anyone else is goin'.... I'll see ya there!



Another Coolest Rally has come and gone.

Weather was well, amazing, in the 70's during the day, 60's at night.
Windy Friday, but picture perfect on Saturday.

This year's attendance overall was lower than usual.  COG
followed suit with a showing of 5 people...  I guess beautiful
weather scares COGgers!  ;D

The rally was still a great time. 

It was great hanging out with again Al !!  :beerchug:

Our little group had roaring fire, cold libations, and beautiful evening to 'chew the fat'.

NY Strip Steak dinner was again, top notch, and BMWNEF gets full kudos for hosting
a great event!

To those that missed it, maybe next year!!


Doug, am I going to have to drive down there to keep MArty from harassing you unnecessarily?  But I will not sleep in mine.