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Ivan's flash vs 2 wheel dynoworks flash

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I bought my 2019 C14 with the 2 wheel dynoworks flash already on it so I have no idea what a stock bike rides like.

I did not notice any HP difference using my butt dyno between the two tunes but I have a highly scientific test which involves a straight 1/2 mile stretch of road and two power poles. Ivan's flash showed an extra 5 mph vs the 2 wheel dynoworks flash. Both were at ridiculous speeds that I don't really need but that showed me there was likely some overall HP gains with the Ivan flash.

My main purpose for the reflash was to get rid of the jerkiness off idle. 100% satisfied with the new flash. That alone was worth the money. Very smooth when coming back on to the throttle coming out of corners now. I don't have to baby it until the power comes on.

I did a 150 mile ride two up this weekend and averaged 42 mpg so that is good enough for me. That was doing some very twisty roads with spirited riding and plenty of passing traffic determined to go below the speed limit.
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