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Lava Run - August 2020


Staff member
I went to Sisters, OR last weekend for the "Lava Run".  Actually, I was going to "Ride the Ribbon", but it wasn't till Woody pointed out these big black rocks, that I figured it out.  :D

I looked at the temperatures and decided to do the "return" leg of the trip on Friday, instead of Sunday.  Even at that, on the way home, it was over 100F on the west (cooler) side of the mountains. 

So my "To" route took me across I-90, then down through the Yakima River Canyon on the east side of the Cascades.  I really enjoy this short stretch of highway that is bypassed by the interstate to the east.  Twisty curves that beg to be ridden about 20 mph faster than the speed limit...and is often set up with multiple speed traps because of it.  :D

This was my lunch break location.

A break along the way.  The park was open, but the restrooms were closed.

Mt. Hood at the White River.

On Saturday, the group took off on the actual "Lava Run" ride.  Here we are at the first break.

Another rest stop at the Green Peter Lake.

We saw thousands of these on the ride.  They are the California Tortiseshell Butterfly.

It amazes me that plants can find a way to live out in these lava fields.

Obligatory motorcycle pic.  :)

Had a great time.  I love the way some of you will cross states, and even international borders (when they are open!).  You ride hard, and and in the evening when the riding is done, you like to have a good time swapping stories of what you've have done...or would like us to believe you have done.  :D  Always entertaining.  Always fun.

In a couple weeks, we'll be meeting again!


charlie gary

"Special" Assistant to the NWAD
This was our first break of the day on Straight Creek Road.

This is where we stopped for lunch about 35 miles down the road, which changed name to Quartzville Drive.

Here's a couple of the usual suspects enjoying a different kind of seat time.

The group photo after dinner.


red fox

Very nice, Chris and Charlie.  Good to remember a couple of those locations and see the group...
Thanks for posting the photos!


Street Cruiser
Looks like again it was a great ride with a fun bunch of riders! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your adventure! Love the Northwest!

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great: