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Monday Muster 4/19


Hi, My bike is back and so am I. Planning on doing a lunch 3rd Monday of the month. The first on Monday the 19th of April is at The Abbey, in New Milford, CT. A nice lunch place with outside dining if wanted, Covid clean and airy. Good Irish food, burgers, salads, beers and milkshakes. Come and we can plan a ride after.
Here is a link to the COG calendar: https://concours.org/event-4248786
Good lunch with outdoor seating. Crispy wings with honey bourbon sauce hit the spot. Ride after lunch on rt-109 with only a few scattered raindrops. Great idea ratsac. See you next month!
thanks for enjoying lunch, and dodging a few rain clouds. might try that popeyes icecream shop we saw on rt 109 in morris.
I couldn't meet up with you guys due to work. However, I did get out for a Saturday ride and we ended up at The Abbey for lunch. (Big W was closed for vacation) The burger was very good.