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moonshiner 28, deals gap, the rattler nc209


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I took the concours up with my new Ivan's ECU reflash just to see what it would do. just my luck tropical storm beta was coming right at us, we had rain every stinking day until we got to Maggie valley Saturday afternoon. we came up from Augusta to Walhalla South Carolina and picked up moonshine 28 and checked out some cool waterfalls The waterfall at Highlands North Carolina is exceptional it's called dry falls why I don't know. The concours did pretty good with the reflash but precise throttle clutch brake control was paramount. with treacherous conditions you have to really be careful in the mountains when it's pouring down rain. we got up the deals gap thursday afternoon and low and behold I saw a couple of KLRs there. I didn't introduce myself as I was on the connie and didn't want people to recognize me for being a superstar that I am.
enjoy the photos