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More Mid-60's Honda CB77 Work


While waiting for the tree folks to come tomorrow to get the tree off my garage/shop roof, figured I'd make a little hay while the sun was shining.

Several years ago I fixed a fella's worn shift lever when it developed a bunch of slop from use over the years. Turns out this is a common problem for this design on this model of bike. Needless to say, unless you get lucky and find a NOS unit somewhere, the only ones you'll probably find are used ones on eBay, or someplace like that. Unfortunately, the ones you'll find will probably have the same issue. To fix the original lever, I bored out the existing pivot hole, made bushing out of bronze, and pressed it in place. Worked perfect and the owner was happy as poo.


Well, the word got out and another one showed up earlier today. With all the other stuff going on, the only thing I got done today was to bore out the original pivot hole. I made a little guide this time around to ensure that the pivot hole bore was in line with my drill press quill centerline. It worked out well.

I'm going to kill power to the upper level of the garage tomorrow when they start fooling with the tree, but unfortunately, some of the lower level lighting will go out too, so the lever will have to wait for a few hours.


I've got a bunch of other machine work in the queue once all this tree damage drama and excitement steps aside. It's kinda funny - I no longer encourage advertising (by word of mouth), so the mill, lathe, and other equipment can sit idle for months. Then, out of the blue, everyone seems to have a project they need bits and pieces for. I'm happy to oblige if I think I can.