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More rear suspension issues


I removed a Progressive 420 series shock due to a seal leak, progressive told me to basically pound salt as to sending it in for a re build, 'too old'.
Anyway, that's not my issue. I found a replacement and while I wait for the delivery I thought I would put the original stock shock back on and enjoy some nice weather. What should have been a 30 minute installation job has turned into three days and still struggling.
I can NOT get the stock shock on the top mounting eye. I am starting with the top mounting eye. There is a .32 offset that keeps the bolt from going through.
I can not get it lined up.
The stock shock had only maybe 2,000. miles on it before I took it off and I had it sealed air tight for storage, so it is in good shape. There has been no chassis damage, no wrecks, nothing. Can anyone PLESE give me some direction and advise?
thank you,
If what you are saying is the top mounting eye is no longer in line, then you do have some damage to the frame on one side, sounds like one of the welds has come lose.

I took a look at mine, just to double check and it is inline. I don't remember if there was an insert in the orginal shock. I had to change mine and I put in a 465 Progressive, which they no longer make.
Not sure the 420 fits without modification . Was it put on by the previous owner ? Maybe that mod somehow bent something ?
Been a long time since I looked at my C-10, sold few years back, the shock mount hardware can it be rotated - there may be an offset?

Lifting of lowering the rear end helps none either?

Are there crash bars of any sort on the machine? If so did machine tip over recently? Worst case, not ready to go all the way there yet: To the earlier point something may be tweaked - which could have caused the previous shock to fail / stresses…. Crash bars are great for protecting body panels but seen documented by some with pics that welds have broken previously due to the shock / stress of machine landing all it’s downward force on a focus point of the frame.
I put the old 420 back in and it fits perfectly. I installed the 420 myself in 2006,with no modification. No, there has not been any stress or damage to the frame and the welds are in good shape and intact. I think I may have found out what the issue is though. Considering the 420 went in in under 3 minutes, there is a metal/and what appears to be a rubber bushing in the top mounting eyelet on the stock shock. My stock shock is obviously old and have been in storage since 2006. I think the rubber part of that bushing should be pliable and somewhat soft, allowing the bolt to move somewhat when inserted. That rubber part now is really hard, rock solid, I am guessing due to age.
I do not have crash bars on the bike, and it has never fallen over or been in a crash, thankfully for me .
But anyway, that's where i am with it. Thank you all for your response too,