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Never bring a bike to a car fight

No idea what drove such poor behavior from the motorcyclists, however, how about not getting into a fight period.

If you cannot drive defensively and tuck the ego away either 1) your number is coming up quickly or 2) you better stop riding motorcycles (if you wish to reach an average expected age) or you’ve been lucky and see point one…

These bad relationships that escalate quickly equal dead people quickly. Please be the one that helps a fellow motorcyclist not die.

Mistakes happen, move on and enjoy your bike another day.

Wayne, Carol & Blue
Wonder how the twitter feed would have went if the SUV driver hopped out and used the stand your ground position and offed people attacking his property.

To add, always remember, especially now, there are 10 pairs of eyes on you no matter where you are and at least 5 phones recording, this was just one person that posted this, I'm sure there were many more that recorded some if not all of this and what happened prior to where we came in, there's always "the rest of the story". You aren't going to win fighting a car no matter who is at fault.
I'm an older and WISE rider for a reason. Those riders that like to poke fate with a sharp stick tend to get the result they deserve.

It is hard enough avoiding pot holes, substances on the road surface or worse obstacles. Much less dealing with the mental cases behind the wheel of machines hell bent on flattening those of us on two wheels to persist in giving Mr Murphy the finger every time you put your feet on the pegs with bad, or worse, bone headed actions on a bike. That tends to complicate the equation quite a bit. And we all know them, they are the guys (and gals) that believe that bad things only happen to other people and not them. Yeah, sure, you keep on enjoying that delusion. I bet you think "The Nile," is just some river in Africa, and what you are in.

Whispering: That's denial for those of you that don't understand the pun or tricky stuff like geography.