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Ohio's Hills of the SE Border. OH 772 Loop From Chillicothe


Big Wheel
One look at a map and you will see that Ohio's SE is were we have some Hills.  The Scioto River actually acts as a severing point and we have the left and right to work with and I am on the left cataloging a fun area that many people skip past.  I am about to embark on a ride though the original capital of Ohio Chillicothe and head south to do a loop I like to call the OH 772  TTTwister.  Map included.  I will follow up with an edit once I make the video for it.

After Sunday July 5th(give me a week) I will editing a video and come back here.  Nothing fancy just a nice time warp of the trip.

To give you an idea of the area, it not a switchback monster like the dragon BUT you'll appreciate the views and curves.



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Most of my time has been on 78 278 93 555 and that area east of where you are. I will add this to my Garmin for future use.