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Picture/Video intro.


Thought I would introduce myself with some pic's and video, names David.
Long time rider.  Riding out of Oklahoma City.
I have an addiction, motor bikes.

Connie bike transport,


2004 Streeted KX500 Dual Sport.


Service Honda KX500AF 2008 KX450F Chassis, my favoirite bike.


Up and Over with the K5


2007 KLR650 Dual Sport meet.  I'm not a little guy but in my defense
I'm wearing a chest protector.


You can only laugh at others if you can laugh at your self. 
I crash my bike at the end of the video. Enjoy at my expense.

One more laugh.  Me looking for change I dropped.



Welcome David,
Wow I think that is the first time seeing the Connie pulling a dirt bike.  Cool intro.  There is a gtg up there in OK. in a couple weeks if you want to stop by. 



Road Bike
Welcome on David.
The bike trailering the bike was a great pic! You make me wanna do both!... Quit that or give the little lady a call for me!


Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome.
smithr-scad said:
Welcome David,
Wow I think that is the first time seeing the Connie pulling a dirt bike.  Cool intro.  There is a gtg up there in OK. in a couple weeks if you want to stop by. 

I use the Connie to pull the dirtbike to local riding areas.  I've never been out of control with the trailer but it feels sketchy if it's real windy.  Other wise it cruses right down the road at 60 no problem.  I'm reluctant to ride it very far for a dirtbike outing.  Last time I went to Cross Bar Ranch in South Oklahoma we rode hard for 3 or 4 hours and I could barely drive my truck home let alone ride a Connie for an hour and a half.  So I just use it for local areas.  I just dress for the dirt ride, if I get muddy no problem, I just wash the Connie with the dirt bike.

I plan on going to the gtg meet this spring.  I've been a COG member for some time now. 5/ 13/ 08.  At last years spring meet I was the only one to brave the ice and snow and show up on my Connie.  My biggest problem with the Connie meets are conflicts with my Dual Sport and Off Road scheduled meets.  The Connie is more of a high speed basic transportation.  I also have a Uni-go trailer so I use the Connie to go to the store and such.

Here's my first trailer adventure,  looked good on paper but wwway to heavy.  No problem running down the hi-way, to much weight for the corners.  I worried about having to hit the brakes in a corner and getting jack knifed.  The VTX1800 is a good platform for a trailer but not 400+ pounds.  Needless to say I scrapped the idea.


I no longer have the VTX having traded it straight across for my KLR650. The VTX was a great bike, I put 40,000 miles on it in 3 years.  I sold the TRX400EX  and up graded to a KFX450R.  Major improvement over the 400, the 450 is the first (2008) full blown motocross quad with fuel injection, e-start and reverse.  Very dangerous in the wrong hands.  Here's a pic from a few years ago, Little Sahara Oklahoma,  it was a Tuesday night with a full lunar eclipse.  Very few people that night with big winds the day before.  Virgin sand, can't ask for better.



Man 2011 was a long time ago. I rejoined COG having bought a 2017. The staff was gracious enough to let me retain my old member number.
I thought that was cool. What a difference between a Gen 1 and a Gen 2. Night and day. I did buy a hitch for the new bike and plan to use it to pull the dirt bikes to the local riding areas. I got rid of the quad, haven't been to the dunes in a long time. All my dune riding friends aged out of the hard core stuff. I'm guessing that's what keeps me going. I got into the IBA long distance riding. I did an in-city insanity ride. More than 1000 miles in less than 24 hours and never left Oklahoma City.

It's good to be back, see you on the site.


South Central AAD
LOL, welcome back! Love the blue bomber. Big @ss screen and teleprompter mounts on the handlebars. Looks like you're better equipped to give a SOTU address than the folks we pay for doing it these days. LOL That's quite a trailer! :^ ) AB


Yes, welcome, but you do have a problem. One many of us also share or wish we did. Nice fleet O Machines.