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Ride opportunity


Good morning fellow COG members.

Tentatively planning to ride from Loveland, Colorado to Cedar City, Utah to meet a fellow Connie rider from the Central Valley of California. We will return to Loveland for a few days, then ride back to Utah before parting ways and returning to our legal mailing adresses.  Will probably be two up on the first Utah run with my wife.

Anyone interested fin meeting up along the route. Details to follow, wife and I are trialing a Boulder, Vail, Estes Park loop Friday.
Plan is to Depart Loveland 6/26 to meet in Cedar City, Utah; return to Loveland 6/27. Then return to Utah 7/1, and to Loveland 7/2.

Anything we MUST see/ride enroute?


Staff member
Things to see?  Definitely!  Plan to take a week or two.

Swing north to go through Arches.  Then down to Canyonlands.  I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I overheard people say this was better.  Then go to Capitol Reef.  That was my favorite.  I really enjoyed hiking through some of the narrow passages that were cut through the rock by water and wind.

Then over to Bryce Canyon.  Finish up at Zion.

We started at Zion on my post-retirement ride and traveled east.  The crowds dropped off considerably as we left Zion.



Street Cruiser
How did the ride go Justin? Daboo had some great ideas of places to visit! Hopefully you had time to do some sightseeing?

Look forward to hearing about it.

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great: