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Riverside Campground Problem


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I rented a Pull Thru site here https://www.facebook.com/Riverside-Campground-223527984263 a few years ago For the Kawasaki Concours National Event , and we stayed there for 10 days total. Everything was Awesome. So going forward, i book a Deluxe Cabin for this weekend coming, 19 thru the 22. All was good, they took CC info, charged me one day, No problem. Except for the fact that i ended up in the Hospital , over the weekend. And now i cant travel. So i call and cancel the reservation,, only to find out,, no refunds under 2 weeks,, WTF. I have a Medical situation, and they wont even listen to me, i was hung up on! And there was NO MENTION of a 2 week cancellation , when booked, took my money and ran,,, THIEVES!!!! It turns out i booked it with only having 1 day to cancel,,,, This is Bull,,,, Not Fare, just being a Thieve!
Sorry to hear this but it happens a lot at private campgrounds as opposed to state parks that have the last 2 years been VERY generous with respect to cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to arrival, not sure if this is a private place. You might want to explore sending or asking them if a medically written excuse is possible. Most times too much info is required, they want your whole life history. Good luck, I just started asking about policies when I reserve now.
Sorry to hear you are having health issues! I agree with seeing if your credit card company can do anything for you. They should have informed you of their cancellation policy over the phone.

If they gave a rip about repeat business or customer service, they'd at least tell you something like "We'll see if we can find somebody else to occupy your reserved cabin, and if so, we'll give you a full refund. If not, we'll see what we can do about a partial refund since it's a special case."

Just to play devil's advocate, their website does clearly state their cancellation policy: "Cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice are not refundable, LLWS reservations are not refundable, all reservations cancelled with 2 weeks notice will be charged $20 fee. Reservations cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice are not refundable." (from https://riverside-campground.com/rates.html) But if you didn't look at their website how would you know?

Last year I had a negative experience with a different private campground in SE California, I had booked a tent site for a single night on a moto trip and gotten confirmation over the phone. They called me back the next day and said that the rate had increased 400% because "it was a holiday weekend and they hadn't realized that at the time of booking" - OK, maybe true, but that's super shady. Seems like they should have ate that cost as it was their error. I told them how absurd that was, cancelled my "reservation", and left them a 1-star review on Google Maps detailing what I felt like was a bait-and-switch. I got a super nice spot at a local state campground just a little out of the way for half the original price :cool:

To help others out, you might consider leaving a review that they were unwilling to budge on their cancellation policy in extenuating circumstances, so at least others are aware.

Hope you are on the mend!
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