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Short Notice So Cal Ride


It's ON!! Angeles Crest Highway COG ride! All bikes invited! Saturday, October 13th. 8:30am Kickstands up 9am! Meeting spot- Shell station at 4530 Angeles Crest Highway La Canada -Flintridge. Just south of the 210 freeway at ACH Top off tanks before we begin our adventure! We will be riding primarily ACH and roads that are attached too it. Upper Tujunga Road Loop, Angeles Forest Highway. Places to stop- Newcomb's Ranch, Grizzly Café or other places to eat for possible lunch stop in Wrightwood. More Info to come! So who wants to come and ride? Any feedback is welcome!


Trying to rearrange some commitments. Was there last weekend and the weather was perfect. Saw Jay Leno with his Ford GT at Neucombs. The road was closed for an hour due to an accident but that just gave us a reason to hang at the bar.


Street Cruiser
Would be great if you could come David! Have not seen you a good while!!

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great: