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Simpson Modular Helmets


Lol, aside from the fact its ugly....sorry nick just my opinion.

But if your interesred, I would head to your local cycle gear store to check them out in persin for fit. Cycle gear and revzilla merged a couple years ago but have seperate websites. This way you'll know if your head shape is right for this helmet.

Simpson helmets always remindes me of darth vader ...


God got one thing wrong: Stupid should be PAINFUL!
I will not comment on the appearance because we all like different things. But I will say I have never owned a Simpson product that I did not love. They have not put their name on any that I would consider junk and not worth the cost, but I cannot offer any actual hands on experience with this one.

But it does look like The Stig's helmet (y) :LOL: !
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