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rev ryder

COG Executive Director
It's been a long, long time coming--this great new web presence for our awesome club. It's been an uphill battle much of the time for those folks who have committed so much of their blood, sweat, tears, fingertips, and neural energy. Most folks here know that our former site was limited in capabilities and had long since fallen into a state of "obsolescense" due to a lack of support and lack of commitment from our previous club-software provider. A lack of basic updates by our previous host had left us in a compromised position with no chance to move forward technologically with features such as:
A unified national event calendar that is color-coded by region to make it easier to track events at a glance.
Offering a simplified process to add events to the calendar
An easier system to register for events and that makes your COG membership card always available to print when desired.
An optimized website incorporating simplified smartphone usage and access.
Not to mention a more modern look, feel, and intuitiveness.

The work required to get us here, and where we are yet to go, has been excruciatingly exhaustive for the few dedicated folks who have given up hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of their own time and energy to produce, test, revise, re-test, and categorize, organize, and transition data to create, initialize, and activate this forum and our new website as well as implement a return to our original domain in concours.org.

There are a handfull of dedicated folks who have brought us to this moment and I, for one, would like to offer them what I feel is an insufficient, but well deserved "THANK YOU!"

Brian Heiple
Steve Smith
Fred Harmon
Mike Ward
Fred Boothe

Keith Williams

These individuals have offered this organization and her members an exemplary model of what the COG is all about and that there are members worthy of imitation within our ranks.

My hat is off to these men and those who have supported them as they have labored on our behalf for this very long, long time.
You guys ROCK!!! THANK YOU!


Well said Rev. The smooth transition to Wild Apricot belies all of the time and effort that went into making this happen. Many thanks to the WEB design and migration team!


This is an excellent website / forum for all of us... even though I am new here I see what happens when people care about others.


I was around for the first member service launch of Memberized. If this was anywhere close to as much work you guys should get a pay raise and double bonus.
Thanks to you all.