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Strom Tropper!


Did the same thing two years ago. Avatar is pic of bike not yet taken from the dealer. Added crash bars, centerstand, engine guard, heated grips, throttle lock, Givi windshield, BarkBusters, gas, oil, and stickers. Don't forget the stickers...LOL


That’s what I did 4 years ago. Found a leftover 2015 Adventure and haven’t regretted it. Well, except for the (much) reduced weather protection...


Sport Tourer
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I not sure why but I went out Friday and bought a 650 V-Strom. I just wanted something smaller and lighter. Specially when launching it onto the van.
Oh, come on you know why..........just like the C-10, it's all about BANG FER THE BUCK! The Wee-Strom is one of the best values out there for a good (maybe not great, but cetainly GOOD) do-it-all Swiss-army-knife adventure/touring bike. As I have stated before, it will do everything the C-10 will do, while burning 25% less fuel, 200 pounds lighter, can easily carry as much weight and the luggage options are staggering. Not quite so enjoyable at 70 MPH on the slab all day long, but who wants to ride there anyway? I am continually astounded at the number of people on this forum and the www.stromtrooper.com forum who own both of these bikes.

HHmmmm....seems I don't know how to post a pic of mine on this new forum...???