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Welcome Craige Scott as the NWAD


Craige Scott was appointed as the Northwest Area Director by Executive Director Chuck Kimball on Friday -- Welcome Craige!

Tim R

Staff member
Yeah good deal. Welcome Craige

If you are wondering Tom V is still going  to be the Rally Meister for the Gorge.


Thank you one and all I’m very excited to be on board as a new NWAD and looking forward to working with Tom and Tim and Charlie and Kari as they all said that they would help me get up to speed  :motonoises: and hopefully make this a smooth transition, i’ll be retiring March 31  :) which is going to make the transition a lot easier and I’ll really be able to devote a lot of extra time to the club that I was unable to when I was working with the amount of overtime and on call weekends that I had, as of right now my overtime has been greatly reduced so I will be able to take this on now instead of wait till after I retired which is only two months away, very excited to be on board and again thank you one and all for your support And good wishes :))

Tom will continue until after the national in Vancouver but I will assist Tom in anyway that he needs assistance, looking forward to the nationals coming up as well hope to see all of you there.  :great:


Grats on the upcoming retirement DB, thanks for stepping up and taking the reins for PNW COG!  :great: