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RTE / ETR @ Bluegrass BBQ - Moody, AL - Sat., Oct. 24, 2020 (11:30 am CDT)

Road Runner

RTE / ETR Event

When:  Sat., Oct. 24, 11:30 am CDT
Where: Bluegrass Barbeque
          2709 Moody Pkwy (US Hwy 411)
          Moody, AL 35004 ... east of Birmingham, AL; not far from Barber Motorsports ... to give you an idea of location
          205.650.1BBQ (1227)
Website: https://www.bluegrassbarbeque.net/
Ref. Attached maps or see Website
ETR: Following lunch, join me on some twisty country roads in this area ... schedules permitting.

David (aka: Road Runner)

p.s., I know this falls on the same weekend as Cliff's event in AR. Neither Ron nor I thought this would interfere with his event.


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    Map-in Bluegrass BBQ.jpg
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Southeast Area Director
Seeings how this is in Alabama, all y'all come! (If you're from PA, it's you-uns...)  ;D

Thanks David.



Put in my calendar. Hope to make the ride from Winder GA.

Well got to cancel out of this one. My wedding anniversary is the 27 and the next weekend will be Halloween. My wife does not want to go anywhere on Halloween so we will be going the weekend of the RTE.
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Southeast Area Director
Text sent. QT in Oakwood @ 8:30. Three hour ride. We'll pick up an hour going into Central Time, lose it coming home. Putting us in there about 11 local with a "stretch break" along the way to "return morning coffee to the wild..." You bringing the Wing or the C-14?
(anyone else coming is welcome to join us, btw)